Many Ways Up

Bullying and mental health are two of the most pressing issues plaguing our youth today. Many Ways Up is a non-fiction, educational workbook that invites you to heighten your awareness, gain fresh insights, make your own priorities and look within yourself. This workbook is equipped with teaching components, thought-provoking discussion questions, visual exercises and actionable tasks for you to easily start implementing in your life right away. Engaging and accessible from cover to cover, Many Ways Up opens the door to fresh perspectives, new ideas and different possible solutions or steps forward. It recognizes the fact that these issues are complicated and provides a clear approach to topics that have so many people feeling lost and confused. From one section to the next, you’ll build a better understanding of yourself and your life, all the while establishing candid, honest dialogue and learning the many benefits of talking openly and speaking up.

A companion to the novel The Only Way Out written by Katie Kuperman, this workbook is designed for youth and young adults aged 11 to 18+ and is endorsed by educators.

The Only Way Out

When best friends Kaitlyn and Rebecca begin their first year of high school together, excitement quickly turns to danger. Rebecca finds herself the victim of a physical and cyber bully. Concerned for her safety, Kaitlyn is determined to report the incidents…until she speaks to Rebecca. Much to her surprise, Kaitlyn finds herself on the receiving end of stern and convincing requests to remain silent. Although at first reluctant, Kaitlyn becomes a bystander.

Months pass and without reason to assume otherwise, Kaitlyn is confident their troubles are over. But when tragedy strikes, Rebecca’s darkest secrets are revealed and Kaitlyn is consumed by the pain of her silence and her hesitancy to take action. Amidst serious emotional and mental repercussions, Kaitlyn must extract herself from the depths of her negative state to somehow make good fortune out of misfortune.