“My name is Katie Kuperman and I am an author, illustrator, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. My life has been rich with many experiences including competitive sport, travel, academics, entrepreneurship, writing and reaching for my dreams. I’m a woman who gives it her all, works hard and experiences the world wholeheartedly. When I’m not working, you can find me spending quality time with my family, goofing around with my kids, teaching dance and engaging in meaningful conversations with anyone who’s interested.”

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Many Ways Up
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“Kuperman’s novel allowed for so many enlightening and empowering conversations about bullying, being a bystander, and mental health; and fostered a love of reading in my classroom, even with my reluctant readers. These grade nines talked, and they listened – to each other, they asked questions, and they wanted to learn more the entire way through. Watching them find their voices through their creative writing, media assignments, and their campaign projects was such a highlight of my semester.”

Renee Wilmot

“Many Ways Up is a beautifully designed and easy to use workbook that takes a deeper look into the understanding, the impacts and the aftereffects of bullying. The many diverse and engaging activities takes one out of their comfort zone to analyze and work through this pressing issue plaguing our society today. I found the quotes presented throughout to be very engaging, pertinent and connected to the material. I strongly recommend this bullying and mental health workbook as an accompaniment to ‘The Only Way Out’ to help empower yourself and others to address bullying in all its forms and make a difference.”

Roderick J.

“From the outset, the novel, The Only Way Out, engages readers to press on with the development of the characters and this troublesome story about a bully, a victim and a bystander. As a retired teacher with over 30 years of experience in the education system, both elementary and secondary, I was witness & assistant to many settings involving bullying behaviours. This novel humanizes the issue but also fosters a genuine sense of urgency to drive change, by delving into the psychological, sociological and emotional underpinnings of bullying. The author’s writing is clear, concise and tangible for all ages making this an excellent resource for young readers, educators and parents. The ending left me with hope and a gratified feeling of how the next generation can become allies and advocates for their peers and for societal change. The author’s compassionate approach makes this book an essential tool in the ongoing fight against bullying. I highly recommend it to my fellow educators for its insightful story telling and emphasis on empowering students to make a positive difference.”

Patricia Masiulis

“Many Ways Up is accessible, inclusive and easy to get through. I can see it being a really great classroom resource. I liked how it was tied to the novel, The Only Way Out, but not written in a way that makes it absolutely necessary to have read the book either. It’s educational and insightful. It’s not attempting to solve these big problems of bullying and mental health, but rather open the doors to important conversations and encouraging readers to talk honestly and freely. I also really liked the “actionable tasks” sections that give readers simple things they can do to start making progress in the right direction in their own lives.”


“Chapter 17 of The Only Way Out is particularly relevant! Dramatic use of POV. Engaging narrative. Compelling prose. Highly recommend. Looking forward to author’s next book.”

W. Olivier

“Reading this book made me feel empowered and I like I was more equipped to help someone who is facing a bully or involved in a bullying situation. After I read this book I feel more inspired/motivated to speak out and raise awareness when it comes to bullying because it is a terrible experience that people should not have to endure…”

Emma Clubine

“Now that I have read this book, I feel that I will be much more aware of my peers’ feelings and what is going on with my friends and family. I will always try to stop any bullying I see going on. I will also be much more aware of my peers emotions and feelings and try to talk to them when I see that they are upset. I know that it can be hard to deal with a lot of things in your own life, but it is very important to always make sure the people around you and who count on you are good. Thank you for writing this book and informing us of such important issues.”

Cole Stover

“The themes of empathy, advocacy, and community engagement motivated me to become more involved in promoting a supportive and inclusive environment, both within school and in a broader societal context….reading The Only Way Out not only offered me valuable life lessons but also ignited a newfound motivation, inspiring me to embark on a journey of positive change.”

Kinja Sajotra

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Every book I write gives back. Part of all proceeds from my book sales are donated to relevant and worthy causes, from bullying and mental health nonprofit organizations to various children’s charities.

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