Katie Kuperman

Based in Toronto, I’m a creative who pours her heart and soul into everything I do.

“I write books that seek to raise your awareness, make you feel something, look deep within yourself and create positive change all around you.”
– – KK

A little about me

I’m a writer, illustrator and speaker, but I’m also an entrepreneur, and a happy wife and mother of two. My life has been rich with many experiences including competitive sport, travel, academics, entrepreneurship, writing and reaching for my dreams. I’m a woman who gives it her all, works hard and experiences the world enthusiastically. Quality family time is something I treasure tremendously, as well as forest walks, meaningful conversation and strong espresso.

When I write, it’s with intent and purpose to make my readers feel, learn and do. Passionate, driven and skilled, with an inquisitive attitude and a lifelong commitment to learning, I seek to craft stories that connect and resonate deeply with my audiences. It’s my vision that, through my writing, I may be the ink that dots the lives of others in a positive, meaningful and memorable way.

When I’m not writing, you can find me enjoying quality family time, goofing around with my kids, teaching dance and doing my best to make the most of every minute in a life that flies by way too fast.

How I got here

From writing my own stories in a notebook when I was little, to running my own writing business for 15 years and counting, I suppose you could say writing has always been with me. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t something I abandoned for a long time (primarily the academic years where all “good writing” absolutely needed to have an introduction, a thesis, three arguments and a conclusion).

In my mid-twenties, however, the craft came back. I worked as a copywriter in a couple of corporate jobs and then started Katie Kuperman in my spare time. Once I was too busy to handle it all, I left my full time position and gave Katie Kuperman my full attention. For over a decade I wrote all kinds of marketing content for my clients. This eventually morphed into full-blown ghostwriting for client books.

And then it hit me. I wanted to write my own book.

Fast forward to 2021 and my first book was finally published (after years of setting it aside, dealing with imposter syndrome and putting other things first). Then my second book was published in 2023, and now my third in 2024, the latter of which also encompasses my self-taught journey of becoming an illustrator. And I assure you, there are many more books and illustrations to come.

Today, even though it’s frightening at times to be the creative I know I am, it’s also liberating and exciting. I’m doing precisely what I want to do and what I love to do. I relish in every challenge that comes my way and sit down to do the work diligently, and with everything I’ve got. The end result? Books that make an impact on those who choose to keep flipping the pages. (I hope!)


This is a question I’ve been asking my clients for years.

“Why do you do what you do? Why do you get up in the morning? Why this line of work? What is your ‘WHY’?”

Here’s mine…

I write because I love the challenge of taking a thought in my mind and putting it down on paper in a way that is linguistically beautiful, and that has an impact on the people who read it.

I illustrate because it feels like magic. From a raw story, to an image in my mind, to a pencil sketch and then finally to the digitized end result, this is the finishing touch on my creative output.

I give talks, presentations and workshops because there’s nothing quite like connecting LIVE with other human beings – particularly young ones who I hope to have a positive influence on as they grow and evolve in their own lives at a rapid pace.

What are you interested in?

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