I created a free audiogram that I’d like to share with you for free.

It’s a positive message that I think you’ll enjoy.


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I know I run the risk of seriously aging myself when I tell this story, but I’m going for it anyway.

Do you remember video cassettes (those come before DVDs!)? How about renting movies from video stores in the 1990s and 2000s? These were the days when you would say a silent prayer in your car on the way over that what you wanted to rent would actually be there. That’s right, Gen Z, if it wasn’t on the shelf when you got there, you didn’t get to watch that night. Ohh, the horror!

On each and every one of the videos in any given video rental store, there was always a sticker. Here’s what it said:


In my free audiogram, I invite you to reverse that message.

Click the link below to find out what happens when we do this and how it applies to important conversations around bullying and mental health.

Listen to the free audiogram now.