Alberni Valley News

Students from AW Neill School in Port Alberni added some colour to their community on Feb. 24, Pink Shirt Day.

The anti-bullying event has seen communities across the country rally to end bullying for more than a decade.

Students from Neill brought colourful chalk on their walk around Kitsuksis Dyke walkway and drew messages of hope and encouragement to inspire people who feel they are being bullied.

“You are important,” said one message. “Happy Kindness Day!” proclaimed another.

One student wrote “We care about you,” while another colour-coordinated a message saying “Keep up the exercise…great.”

The Pink Shirt Day initiative began in the Maritimes in 2007 after a student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. The next day two of the student’s classmates arrived at school wearing pink shirts as a show of solidarity.

I love this story because it demonstrates support and spreading kindness – things we are all capable of.

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